Free Trials (& Tribulations)

How to build a business while getting punched in the mouth

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Here's the description for the book I'm writing which I plan to release in early 2019:

Kyle Racki is the CEO and co-founder of Proposify. But he wasn’t always a successful entrepreneur. Raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, he was shy, insulated within his religious community, and didn’t have professional aspirations beyond using his interest in art in some manner. His entrepreneurial journey began when he left his agency job as a graphic designer to go freelance.

The journey from freelancing to start-up founder was far from smooth and straightforward, however. Along the way, Kyle experienced cycles of creation, destruction, and rebuilding in both his personal and professional lives, including starting and subsequently selling off an agency, losing his father to illness, realizing he had been raised in a cult and leaving his religion and community, separating from and eventually divorcing his wife, and struggling with near-bankruptcy. 

Kyle was able to find the strength, power, and strategies to persevere through the darkest of times, which allowed him to build a business that is now extremely successful, a debt-free personal life, and a happy, fulfilling relationship.

Kyle’s book will inspire and push entrepreneurs to keep going through their own experiences of personal and professional chaos and destruction. Through his journey from freelancer to start-up founder, he will share strategies and valuable business lessons around topics such as choosing a business partner, building a SaaS product, finding investment dollars, marketing and sales, growth and scaling, becoming a founder, and building the right team that carried him through almost losing his business to becoming extremely profitable. He will also share key elements of his personal story that interweave with his business journey to inspire readers to overcome their own business and personal challenges.