How to create a SaaS product people can't live without

As Marc Andreessen famously wrote, software is eating the world. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is more than ever the most popular way to deliver software to people.

Whether it's Netflix or Spotify on your personal credit card or Slack and Dropbox on your business account, we are becoming increasingly reliant on third-party providers to power our life. We love the flexibility and convenience of getting instant delivery and ongoing upgrades, along with the option to upgrade, downgrade or cancel any time.

SaaS isn't just great for end consumers, it also makes for great businesses with high profit margins and massive growth potential. And SaaS is becoming easier to start as cloud servers become cheaper and coding frameworks do more of the heavy lifting for us.

Yes, launching a product is relatively easy. Getting people to use it, offer feedback, pay for it, and then scaling it to become large and lucrative is the difficult part.

In my upcoming book, Indispensable: How to Build A SaaS Product People Can't Live Without, I share my experience building a SaaS company, Proposify, including the challenges we faced and how we pushed through them to get to product-market fit and begin scaling. This book will contain a combination of big picture, macro concepts and also the details that make them work.

It outlines how to use product management principles, UX best practices, and lots of hard work to build something thousands of people love and pay to use.

I'm aiming for a January 2018 release.

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  1. What Problem Are You Solving?
  2. Early-stage customer development
  3. User-experience research
  4. Development
  5. Pre-launch Marketing
  6. Launching Your MVP
  7. Gathering Feedback/Tracking Engagement
  8. Iteration
  9. Marketing
  10. Onboarding
  11. Pricing
  12. Business Metrics
  13. Raising Investment
  14. Your First Hires
  15. So you hit PM fit - Now What?